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Building global health security through international genomics collaboration

Julia Alvarez*

Globally, life sciences are undergoing a profound transformation due to genome science and technology, which is making this field extremely appealing for international collaboration to improve global health. The Los Alamos national laboratory's genome science program is using its extensive experience in genomics research to help a number of partner countries improve their genomics and bioinformatics capabilities. The goal of capability development is to provide a scientific method based on molecular genomics for applications such as pathogen characterization and biosurveillance. Basic genomics principles are introduced, laboratory procedures are taught and bioinformatic analysis of the resulting data is practised. Additionally, next-generation sequencing instruments are purchased and installed. Bioinformatics software capabilities are established. Finally, collaborative applications of genomics capabilities in public health are investigated. In the Republic of Georgia, the Kingdom of Jordan, Uganda, and Gabon, genome centres have been formed with public health and research institutes. Broader genomics application collaborations have also been developed with research institutions in many other nations.

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