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Nutrition and Food Chemistry 2018: Smart food policies for promoting healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents- Sima Hamadeh- Haigazian University

Sima Hamadeh

Statement of the Problem: Food regulations have an critical position for preventing global weight problems epidemic and health problems. The interaction between individuals??? factors and the environments and structures wherein human beings live provides a singular angle to apprehend how diverse food policies paintings in special settings. Purpose: The purpose of this have a look at is to qualitatively discover how combined food-policy moves paintings and how such policies may be designed to be more effective with good sized and sustained effect especially on youngsters lifestyle. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Our method attracts on proof from quite a number disciplines (socio-psychology, communication, social marketing, nutrients economics and public fitness nutrients) to broaden an modern holistic conceptual framework to understand how food regulations work in unique areas such as college settings, meals industry, and marketing. Directed and semi-structured person interviews, and focus businesses had been performed with a hundred and fifteen participants (sixty seven adults and 48 teens) in Lebanon. Collected records had been submitted to a thematic qualitative analysis. Findings: Effective food-policy moves should be: 1) tailored to the desire, behavioral, socioeconomic, and demographic traits of the people they are looking for to aid, 2) designed to paintings thru the mechanisms through which they have greatest effect and, 3) carried out as a part of a combination of complementary and jointly reinforcing movements. Mobilization and agency of public and key stakeholders help for bold executive moves is crucial. Conclusion & Significance: Smart meals-policies ought to be complete to create fantastic adjustments to meals, information, social environments and food structures that enable adolescents to learn healthy behaviors. Policies assessments must be cautiously designed the usage of signs of progress alongside the numerous pathways closer to the fast and long-term goals of selling and improving healthy existence among teens. 

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