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Kleiner Rückblick

A Study of Morphometric Measurements of Scapula and Suprascapular notch

  • Divia Paul A*, Nidhi S, Ramakrishna Avadhani

Kleiner Rückblick

A Short Review on the Role of Radiology in the Assessment of Human Anatomy

  • Okoro Ogheneyebrorue Godswill*, Udi Onoriode Andrew, Ahama Endurance Efe, Igben Vincen-Junior Onoriode


situs Inversus – Macroscopic work-up and analysis of Cerebral lateralization Using Manual and Imaging Techniques

  • Maximilian Leupold*, Michael Schoen, Tobias Maria Boeckers, Anja Boeckers
Peer-Review-Publikation für Verbände, Gesellschaften und Universitäten pulsus-health-tech