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Sudanese traditional stains for staining some biological samples

Hiba Siddig Ibrahim and Shamsoun Khamis Kafi

Taifta, cloth dye and paints were considered as one of the Sudanese colours that was extracted from Sudanese rocks; it used to colour traditional handworks such as Palm Sunday (local name; saaf), prayers carpets while the second dye used to stain clothes in addition to the third one ElMohandis paints (water base painting) that used for synthetic enamel and emulsion paints. All those dyes were used in this study to stain some bacteriological smears in addition to blood films to study the possibility of using these stains in the future to stain some medical samples in case of safe stain, ruler areas to avoid travels cost, good staining, availability of stain, and low cost too. In this study, we have used different staining colours with the different procedures to study the possibility of staining of some biological samples with those traditional Sudanese dyes; beside ability to uses those stains in the future to stain other kind of biological samples such as histopathological samples, in cosmetics, medical tabs and also to colour food.

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