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Natural remedies for glioma immunotherapy

Andrew Tesera

Since the immune system is essential in preventing tumour progression, glioma immunotherapy has gained more and more interest. Clinical trials are already testing immunotherapy approaches including Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs), vaccinations, and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells (CAR-T). Treatment using viruses and cells. However, due to their severe adverse effects and minimal efficacy brought on by glioma heterogeneity, antigen escape, and the presence of Glioma Immunosuppressive Microenvironment (GIME), the clinical applicability of these immunotherapies is restricted. Since most natural compounds have excellent anticancer effects and immunoregulatory qualities via reversing GIME, they have emerged as a potential and secure option for glioma therapy. The status of contemporary immunotherapy approaches for glioma, as well as their challenges, are summarised in this review.

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