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Evaluation of sero-prevalence of HIV and hepatitis B co-infection among subjects in Orashi communities of Niger delta

Azuonwu Obioma, Azuonwu Testimonies Chikanka

BACKGROUND: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis B virus (HBV) are two deadly diseases that could be contacted through sexual route; however, the HBV is vaccine preventable virus infection though, both have been studied and found to be capable of coinfecting elevated risk in sexual active groups and immune-compromised subjects. Studies have also shown that co-infection increases the severity of illness in an infected individual. AIM: This study was aimed at determining the prevalence of HIV/HBV coinfection among subjects in some Orashi Communities of Niger Delta. METHODS: 1000 randomly selected subjects from seven locations in the area were involved in the study. The locations were Community Health Centre Edeogha-Ekpeye, Community Health Centre Ochigba, Community Health Centre Ahoada, UlaUpata community, Ahoada Timber Market, Ogbo town and Ahoada General Hospital. RESULTS: The study population was made up of 464 males and 536 females. The total infected prevalence was 2.6%; with females having 1.7% and males 0.9%. Of these, 43.5% were within ages 15-24, 30.4% within 25-34, 17.4% within 35-44 and 8.7% within 45-54. Nevertheless, 74% were single while both widowed and married had 13% each. CONCLUSION: The high prevalence among singles and person within the ages of 15-24, may probably be due to sexual promiscuity as well as the use of intravenous drugs. The study further highlight that females are more vulnerable to sexually-transmitted diseases more than their male counterparts, which may have accounted for the increased prevalence among females. Nonetheless, awareness on the means of preventing these infections such as the use of condoms and not sharing sharp objects will greatly reduce the prevalence of HIV/HBV prevalence, especially in rural areas where access to functional health facilities and affordable drugs remains a massive challenge of unprecedented proportion.

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