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A dissociation of impulsivity and gambling cognition pathways to gambling urges via motivation

Harvey H. C. Marmurek

OBJECTIVES: The present study explored the associations among problem gambling severity, trait impulsivity, gambling cognitions, gambling motivations, and gambling urges. The central question was whether the pathway linking trait impulsivity and gambling urges could be dissociated from the pathway linking gambling cognitions and gambling urges. Differential mediation along those pathways via gambling motivation was assessed. METHOD: The participants were 202 patrons of a slot machine gambling venue who completed t standardized impulsivity and gambling related measurement scales in return for $30. RESULTS: Gambling cognitions and motivation were more strongly correlated with problem gambling severity than was trait impulsivity. Mediation analyses showed that whereas the impulsivity to urge link was mediated by motivation, the cognition to urge link was not mediated by motivation. CONCLUSION: Cognitive and motivational interventions for highrisk and/or addictive gamblers are expected to reduce the urge to gamble independently of a gambler’s trait impulsivity level.

Peer-Review-Publikation für Verbände, Gesellschaften und Universitäten pulsus-health-tech